Blur – Go Out

“Failed In London, Try Hongkong,” the old saying goes, and Blur do seem to have rediscovered their sense of purpose over East. Albarn is still in Gorillaz mode here, but he must be enjoying the simplicity and familiarity of being in a rock band with mates.

METZ – Acetate

Driving, asymmetric shoegaze rawk, calling on the Melvins in a good mood and Swervedriver in a pissy one. A little repetitive, but listenable and rhythmically cool. Pancakes!

R-指定 R-shitei – サドマゾ Sadomazo

Visual-kei pop-metal with disturbingly violent leanings performed with the precision of a scientific instrument. Theatrical to a Bohemian, rhapsodic extent. Viewer discretion advised.

St. Vincent – Bad Believer

Annie’s at it again, helped along by a slathering of Helen Love quirk, a melody that could’ve been penned by Ace of Base and the cheapest drum machine in the shop. She ain’t Bjork but she ain’t bad.

Common & John Legend – Glory

Do you like music or movies? Commentary or iconography? Gospel or soul? Activism or bling? Piano or strings? Hip hop or a headache? Get it all here – or don’t.

Man With A Mission – Seven Deadly Sins

Anthemic pop-rocker from the Shibuya crew, more synthy than their semi-nu-metal rep suggests. They’re known for always wearing wolf masks, which says they’re older than they want you to know and that suggests they can craft a song.

Alabama Shakes – Don’t Wanna Fight

It ain’t easy to sound this lo-fi. Lovely old-radio ambience, earthy crack-and-fizz in the drums and terrific fretless bass sound. A soulful product seasoned with disco and just enough of today’s production techniques to ensure adequate drive.