Pedro Mercado & Karada – Et Voila

Chuffing along like an upbeat Groove Armada, this was my introduction to “tech house” and I don’t mind it at all. Smooth, sweet, warm and motivating, like a mug of hot chocolate.

The Hours – Miss Emerald Green

The Hours say they play “spacey and shimmering psychedelic dreampop” and it does what it says on the tin. It’s possible to get pleasantly lost in this aural Canadian Arctic, although defiance of a steady tempo will unsettle some travelers.

Thurston Moore – Speak to the Wild

Smooth yet textured contemplation from ex-Sonic Youth guitar legend Moore. Doesn’t quite have the dynamic or the hook to be single material, and at eight minutes-plus it overstays its welcome, but it’s a perfectly decent album track.

208 Talks Of Angels – Disengage

It’s difficult to pin down a genre for this Russian collective, which lays claim to just about everything from ambient to industrial, classic to progressive, ethnic to electronic. Joe Satriani meets Metallica, perhaps? If David Lynch remade Dune today he might ask these guys to score it.

The War on Drugs – Under the Pressure

Smooth, rolling, pop-rock soundtrack to urban detachment. Mood and instrumentation echo Echo and the Bunnymen. The female voice brings up the mood a little, although personally I could live without the slight country twang.

wyd-syd – Endlessly

A young Singaporean group who are going all-in and getting somewhere, locally for now. A pleasant ambient rock sound, sensible arrangement and nice self-production all add up to a comprehensively inoffensive listening experience with this instrumental number. But they may find it hard to continue to progress if they continue to deprioritise the voice.

Villainettes – Dark Clouds

More about a sound than anything else. Nice understated groove with atmospheric guitar effects up back and a sensible arrangement. If you don’t mind repetitive, cliched lyrics you won’t find anything irritating here.