CreepHyp (クリープハイプ) – Hyakuhachi Yen no Koi (百八円の恋)

Japanese art-punk-rock. Haunting, wailing and frenetic. Semi-operatic and borderline batshit crazy. I can dig it.

208 Talks Of Angels – Disengage

It’s difficult to pin down a genre for this Russian collective, which lays claim to just about everything from ambient to industrial, classic to progressive, ethnic to electronic. Joe Satriani meets Metallica, perhaps? If David Lynch remade Dune today he might ask these guys to score it.

Imagine Dragons – I Bet My Life

I confess I’d never heard of these guys, despite them being touted as geniuses by the likes of Rolling Stone and MTV back in 2013. It wasn’t on the basis of this track, which is tedious, overblown, clichéd and self-important. In their defence, it’s hard to keep a sense of perspective once you shift base to Vegas.

Block B – Jackpot

An ordinary girl finds herself amongst creepy vaudeville clowns who turn out to be dance/hip-hop K-boys channeling Aguilera on acid. Not even close to a good enough excuse for cramming at least 5 disjointed songs together into this nightmare. Of course the girl submits and joins the crew by the end, but they didn’t have me.