Olly Murs ft Travie McCoy – Wrapped Up

The comically short OIly Murs has gone all Ryan Gosling since his days as runner-up on The X Factor, although you kind of suspect he’d like to be Jason Mraz if he had the talent. Here he collaborates with celebrity rapper Travie McCoy, who’s been done for all kinds of bad behaviour in the past but actually has worked with Mraz, boom!

Fallout Boy – Centuries

Pounding hybrid of house music and whiny strut-rock, peppered with hooks lifted from elsewhere with maximum cynicism. Another case of aiming for the absolute middle and hitting it, for better or worse. Life’s too short, if you ask me.

Hilary Duff – All About You

Banjo-pluckin’ white girl R&B. Yes, that’s what I said. Appears to be built entirely out of choruses and bridges. The meta chart song.

Johnny Marr – Easy Money

Clean stratocaster overdriven by chunky synths and backed up by a crisp disco beat all adds up to a slightly odd but fairly nod-along combo. Not inspired creatively, but well-practiced deployment of a top 40-hopeful formula. More Madonna than The Smiths, Johnny might have picked up a little more easy money selling this one on.

KOLOR – 生於憂患

Theatrical guitars, funky synths, booming drums and expensive production herald a band that has its act well-settled and refined. Would be worth a repeat listen if the melody and vocal delivery weren’t so very karaoke. Safe and apt for HK but unlikely to resonate further afield.

Thirty Seconds To Mars – Do Or Die

Embarrassingly overblown and self-important mainstream rock by a band that’s had the best part of two decades to polish the act. Laden with platitudes for the easily led and peppered with ‘inspirational’ individual sound bites for that social factor. If Jared Leto weren’t doing this, one suspects he’d be running some kind of cult.