Zebrahead – I’m Just Here For The Free Beer

The sound of a band that knows its market: energetic and drunk young men with no particularly weighty concerns in life. They don’t give a f***, ya know, including about ‘the revolution’. There’s never been a better time to retire the word ‘punk’ for good.

Zebrahead – Call Your Friends

Skater rawk designed for teen bros and sistas for whom life’s just one big party. This tale of drinking til 8am, complete with can-opening SFX and shout-along choruses, is sure to become an anthem for bunches of 18 year old males who are currently getting on with being 18 year old males.

Show Your Cards – Girls Like You

Fairly stock shiny-whiny rock of the kind purveyed by suburban American kids bearing the weight of the world on their shoulders. Rhythm section sounds like it aspires to be playing metal, an impression which is helped along by aggressively bottom-heavy production.