The Northern Cowboys – Devil’s Daughter

Virtuoso rockabilly. I just can’t get over the fact that these guys are Swedish yet they’re pounding out tunes that would have the locals dancing on tables in Texas. Brilliant.

Travis Caudle – Outta My Head

The usual countrified, romanticised, generic rock from Travis C. I feel bad criticising someone so apparently good-natured, like kicking a puppy, but I just can’t muster much enthusiasm for the middle of the road.

Michelle Grant – You Came Along

Middle of the road candy pop. A teeny bit country/folk but mostly just generic. Someone’s had a brave stab at adding some beef in the recording studio, but at its core, this is composed and arranged for a girl and her acoustic guitar playing in a middle America family restaurant.

The Northern Cowboys – There’s An Angel Next to Me

A set of Swedish good-ol’-boys punching out the most pristine homage to country rock imaginable. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, stand aside, you’ve been accidentally outdone. The mind boggles as I try to imagine a Texan bar nestled amongst the fjords.