​POP ETC – Running in Circles

An 80s-style appreciation of musical space and shape is on display here, providing a welcome break from the generic, overblown mainstream. A slightly more sophisticated confection than it first appears, made with love and good to the last drop.

キュウソネコカミ Kyusonekokami – Galaxy

Just as this Japanese band skates along the razor edge of extreme fashion and extreme dorkiness, they confound musically. Are they making rock, boy band R&B or video game music? I think the answer is “who cares” – just jump along.

Years & Years – Desire

Brit house with a sprinkling of boy band fairy dust. Flaky being a dance floor virtue, it’ll do alright, though it’s hard to imagine it playing outside its homeland.

Colaars – Hurricane

A bit dance, a bit rock and more than a bit Duran Duran. Send Edge to Kiev for a year and this might be the result. The glassy, reverberative sound seems suitable for people who live in large, cold places. Feels substantially longer than its 3:53.

Red Carpet Premiere – Rug Burn

A dance/disco duo from Ohio consisting of a DJ and, unexpectedly, a country and western producer. Citing Pet Shop Boys and C&C Music Factory seems reasonable, although there’s a frank smuttiness about this track which will confine it to the playlists of a select few clubs.

Calvin Harris ft John Newman – Blame

House music from a Scottish DJ “ft” an English singer who gets about equal airtime. Both are saving their best material but this collaboration is decent enough. Will it survive the referendum?

Lethal Bizzle ft JME & Tempa T – Rari WorkOut

Doofing gangsta hippity hopp wif a British bent. Designed for procrastinating gym membership holders who need a motivational boost and can’t afford pharmaceuticals. Regular shout-outs to celebrities noted for their glutes, suttle eh?