St. Vincent – Bad Believer

Annie’s at it again, helped along by a slathering of Helen Love quirk, a melody that could’ve been penned by Ace of Base and the cheapest drum machine in the shop. She ain’t Bjork but she ain’t bad.

Pedro Mercado & Karada – Et Voila

Chuffing along like an upbeat Groove Armada, this was my introduction to “tech house” and I don’t mind it at all. Smooth, sweet, warm and motivating, like a mug of hot chocolate.

208 Talks Of Angels – No Sorry

Husky Russki electro-metal. Pretty epic, with multiple acts, flavours and moving parts, but also a certain degree of self-restraint. Has me thirsting for a White Russian.

208 Talks Of Angels – Disengage

It’s difficult to pin down a genre for this Russian collective, which lays claim to just about everything from ambient to industrial, classic to progressive, ethnic to electronic. Joe Satriani meets Metallica, perhaps? If David Lynch remade Dune today he might ask these guys to score it.

Robert DeLong – Long Way Down

Electronicalt. Accessible pop song over slow house/electro backing with an array of funky vocal effects. The songwriting isn’t thrilling but it isn’t necessarily meant to be. The sounds are innovative and there’s potential for an interesting live show here.

Dolls – Pedestal

Dark and funky electropop with sultry grrl vocal. Dolls is to Garbage what Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight is to Tim Burton’s Batman. Radio friendly.

Night Terrors of 1927 ft Tegan & Sara – When You Were Mine

Very much consistent with Tegan & Sara’s new happy-go-retro vibe, this rather Echo & The Bunnymen offering is oh so urban hipster love story. Happy hipsters? I just don’t know.