The Dirty Heads – Sound Of Change

Suggests Krautrock and teases Celtic stomp before divebombing into the shallow end of produced emo pop. Not bad, but the flight to formula is disappointing when something twisted and cool was briefly threatened.

Mouth Wired Shut – Fight or Fall

A bit Van Halen, a bit emo rock. Young men doing, shall we say, cross-generational music which will appeal to more than one demographic. Nice snare sound.

Magic Feeling – In A Flash

Japanese emo-ish alt-(but not too alt-)rock. Exemplifies the genre. Honed and perfectly listenable, but promises a touch more than it delivers, a la NICO Touches The Walls.

Linkin Park ft Daron Malakian – Rebellion

Rather than pandering to their frustrated suburban teen constituents, Linkin Park have teamed up with the System of a Down frontman to produce a in a punchy vignette against first world problems which actually highlights sheltered privilege. Kudos.

Linkin Park – Until It’s Gone

Were these guys always emo? Were they always so hackneyed? Have they softened to become a parody of themselves? They can’t have become massive with such generic offerings. I call writer’s block but the label needed something to release.

Show Your Cards – Girls Like You

Fairly stock shiny-whiny rock of the kind purveyed by suburban American kids bearing the weight of the world on their shoulders. Rhythm section sounds like it aspires to be playing metal, an impression which is helped along by aggressively bottom-heavy production.