Incubus – Absolution Calling

Incubus have been around for a very long time now, and, like other old hands, their brand of funk/rock has graduated from exploratory to polished. Well put-together and rhythmically interesting, but not exactly attention-grabbing or memorable.

FANCI – Funky Sexy Cool

Unusual – which shouldn’t be a shock, considering this Berliner cites the likes of Prince, David Bowie, Curtis Mayfield and Peter Gabriel as influences. Fat, funky and freaky, this should hold particular appeal for fans of the aforementioned iconoclasts.

Sean Kelly – Hands In The Sky

R&B, but in the classic sense, with a Cali-seaside twist. There’s a good times vibe without being dumbed down, and a sense of confidence with a refreshing lack of attitude. More substantial than your average made-for-the-beach fare.

Empires – Please Don’t Tell My Lover

Modern funk rockers apparently positioning themselves as the successors to Franz Ferdinand. Lacking the innovation or OTT strut of that outfit, replacing those traits with pop song sensibility and a wry indie sense of humour.

Retro Future – Daydreamer

Starts out hella close to Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy before showcasing some Jamiroquai-esque pop-funk sensibilities and a bit of Tracy Chapman soul. Not what I’d expect from Denmark. Super crisp, but this sandwich could use another ingredient or two, particularly in the last few bites.

Byron Jamez – Time Machine

I believe this is still called R&B. Initially funky bass and rhythms hint pleasingly at seventies roots, but the vocoder and me+me+me harmonies quickly drag us back into the 21st century. “If I had a time machine, I’d go back and love you the way you need to be loved,” he croons, and I can’t help picturing The Onion’s Smoove B in duet with South Park’s Chef.