KONGOS – I Want to Know

This blend of world music vibes, modern instrumentation and a big choral presence reminds of Toto – sorry, don’t hit me. A charismatic composition and deft arrangement of elements that, in less-skilled hands, could easily have jarred or come off as twee.

B. Infinite & Inusa Dawuda – Every Day I Have The Groove

Smooth lounge-house-jazz of the kind I haven’t heard since the early 90s. Equally apt for
chilling on a sofa with a martini or moving sedately around the dance floor. Cool in every

Dolls – Pedestal

Dark and funky electropop with sultry grrl vocal. Dolls is to Garbage what Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight is to Tim Burton’s Batman. Radio friendly.

Thom Yorke – A Brain In A Bottle

Terrifyingly Santana-like at the outset but cruises onward to a far less obnoxious space. Pub rock of a far more cheerful and groovy ilk than Radiohead’s usual fare.

The War on Drugs – Under the Pressure

Smooth, rolling, pop-rock soundtrack to urban detachment. Mood and instrumentation echo Echo and the Bunnymen. The female voice brings up the mood a little, although personally I could live without the slight country twang.

Bird of Paradise – What You Want

Smoothly groovy Canto R&B boy band fare. Cute and naive compared to the more brash Korean material that’s dominating the airwaves lately, and infused with the classic HK street-level love story vibe.