w-inds. – Fantasy

Well-travelled three-member boy-band ex-Japan by-numbers Prince/Jackson. As pimpin’ as chocolate coins and unsipped tumblers of Scotch.

キュウソネコカミ Kyusonekokami – Galaxy

Just as this Japanese band skates along the razor edge of extreme fashion and extreme dorkiness, they confound musically. Are they making rock, boy band R&B or video game music? I think the answer is “who cares” – just jump along.

ClariS (憑物語) – Border

Sounds like an anime theme tune. And it is! Shrill, peppy, kawaii J-pop with fairly thumping backing track. Close your eyes and picture the costuming and choreography.

Magic Feeling – Little Cranberry

A cute, tinkly sunacku from these Japanese alt-emo rockers. One for fangirls, happy clappies or people who enjoy unpicking English-Japanese language mixing.

Perfume – Cling Cling

Cutesy Japanese schoolgirl dance-pop likely to confirm to every gaijin’s stereotyped view of Eastern cultural product. So relentlessly ‘up’ that it’s practically impossible to dislike even as I feel it regressing my mental age. Yatta!