Michael Schulte – Frozen Over

Guy with guitar and multi-layered voice sounds deceptively like Beirut at the outset, which is briefly exciting, before this track breaks into a considerably more mainstream pop love song. Well-enough constructed and executed, but stuck in the peleton without the legs to break away from the pack.

Sam Smith – I’m Not The Only One

Soulful account of infidelity real or imagined. Smith’s ear-catching voice is the major strength and the material is more or less up to scratch, with some brief soaring moments but just a bit too predictable to get over the parapet to freedom. I’d like to hear him sing for himself and not for the charts.

Ed Sheeran – All of the Stars

Piano-folk love/loss song levels up to built-for-Hollywood soundtrack to (insert moving charitable cause here). Somewhat platitudinous but there’s something to build on for this 23-year-old if he doesn’t hang out with Elton John too much.

Bird of Paradise – What You Want

Smoothly groovy Canto R&B boy band fare. Cute and naive compared to the more brash Korean material that’s dominating the airwaves lately, and infused with the classic HK street-level love story vibe.

Travis Caudle – To Get Through

Travis affirms his nice-guy credentials in this track which is designed to demonstrate caring cuddliness to the nth power, notwithstanding some rather blunt statements about his subject’s mental health as the song progresses. Should play well with romantic types, particularly, I cringe to hear myself say, of the female persuasion.

Samual Gough – Morning Light

Throaty love song with finger-plucked guitars and hand drums eventually stepping up to more typical instrumentation. I guess there is one appreciative lady out there. Think Julia Roberts in some eminently forgettable rom-com.

Jung Joon Young – Spotless Mind

The K-pop invasion continues. Something for the girls – love story amidst white furnishings through misted lens – and something for the boys – rocking out with the bros against a night time city backdrop. Does this love story have a happy ending? Probably. Is there an edge to it? Well, there’s a neck tattoo at least. Overall, everything you would expect.