Twin Atlantic – Hold On

Humdrum mainstream rock touting positivity and persistence. Years ago, a dyslexic bar manager scrawled my band’s name on the chalkboard as “Inspiro”. I hereby offer that moniker to Twin Atlantic, no charge.

​OneRepublic – I Lived

It’s hard to imagine anyone sitting down to listen to this. Anonymous and lacking in personality, I can see it playing over a montage in an overly earnest teen romance movie or blaring in 10 second clips at some tacky awards ceremony.

The Script – No Good In Goodbye

The Script’s songs chart regularly. They have featured in shows like 90210 and The Vampire Diaries. The frontman used to be a coach on The Voice. My own views are obvious, redundant or most likely both.

The Dirty Heads – Sound Of Change

Suggests Krautrock and teases Celtic stomp before divebombing into the shallow end of produced emo pop. Not bad, but the flight to formula is disappointing when something twisted and cool was briefly threatened.

Olly Murs ft Travie McCoy – Wrapped Up

The comically short OIly Murs has gone all Ryan Gosling since his days as runner-up on The X Factor, although you kind of suspect he’d like to be Jason Mraz if he had the talent. Here he collaborates with celebrity rapper Travie McCoy, who’s been done for all kinds of bad behaviour in the past but actually has worked with Mraz, boom!

Lorde – Yellow Flicker Beat

If you can imagine the pouty offspring of Portishead and Coolio then you’ve got a handle on this. Affiliated with Hunger Games which so successfully markets angst masked as rebellion.

Bush – The Only Way Out

Gavin remains the poster boy for hoarse, slightly left-of-field rock, although the overall package has swung dangerously to the middle as the years advance and there’s more than a little vocoder assistance to be heard these days. You have to wonder if he’d be better off quitting the chase and throwing it all behind Gwen.