METZ – Acetate

Driving, asymmetric shoegaze rawk, calling on the Melvins in a good mood and Swervedriver in a pissy one. A little repetitive, but listenable and rhythmically cool. Pancakes!

R-指定 R-shitei – サドマゾ Sadomazo

Visual-kei pop-metal with disturbingly violent leanings performed with the precision of a scientific instrument. Theatrical to a Bohemian, rhapsodic extent. Viewer discretion advised.

Jay Wud – Low

Metallica fans, hooooo! Also citing NIN and FF (you know, you know) this Lebanese one-man-band sounds like a studio monster who geeks out over riveting geets and bowel-moving perc. For unabashed lovers of rawk.

9mm Parabellum Bullet – Seimei No Waltz (生命のワルツ)

Only a Japanese band could turn such metallic and punkish raw materials into something this cute and poppy. Fast and furious, monstrously proficient, charmingly naïf.

208 Talks Of Angels – No Sorry

Husky Russki electro-metal. Pretty epic, with multiple acts, flavours and moving parts, but also a certain degree of self-restraint. Has me thirsting for a White Russian.

208 Talks Of Angels – Disengage

It’s difficult to pin down a genre for this Russian collective, which lays claim to just about everything from ambient to industrial, classic to progressive, ethnic to electronic. Joe Satriani meets Metallica, perhaps? If David Lynch remade Dune today he might ask these guys to score it.

Shades in Grey – All In My Mind

Blows hot and cold. These boys clearly understand a melodic hook and have deployed a few in this track, but occasionally lurch into passages that are jarringly twee or unnecessarily frilly. Undoubted promise but a savvy producer would help.