The Cribs – An Ivory Hand

Immediately hearkens to early Weezer – and behold, this was produced by Ric Ocasek who oversaw the Blue album. Straight-up, straight-ahead, noisy, melodic, 6/8 pop-rock of the mid-90s. Weezer don’t do it no more and I’m glad to find a band that does.

Finding Miranda – Every Bit Of Abuse

That genre sometimes known as power pop. Cheerful cleanish guitars, sincere tenor vocals, peppy natural drums, songs about girls. Unlikely to set thy pants afire but nice enough if you like that kind of thing.

Buffalo Sunn – Ocean (Radio Edit)

Jangly, melodic, reverby guitar pop. The Paxton brothers have learned not to waste any time getting to the big chorus, or so this radio edit suggests. Teenage Fanclub with heightened image-consciousness and a rock edge.

Johnny Marr – Easy Money

Clean stratocaster overdriven by chunky synths and backed up by a crisp disco beat all adds up to a slightly odd but fairly nod-along combo. Not inspired creatively, but well-practiced deployment of a top 40-hopeful formula. More Madonna than The Smiths, Johnny might have picked up a little more easy money selling this one on.

Buffalo Sunn – By Your Side

Upbeat, nod-along, jangly guitar pop. A timeless, Friday I’m in love sort of a sound with no shortage of shimmering reverb. Nicely cascading vocals a la The Hummingbirds are ever so slightly let down by Hallmark card lyrics.

Foggy Nocean – Sweet Lioness

This self-described studio band from New England could really be from anywhere. Reverby ambience with energetic strumming and vocals, harking back to Talking Heads and any number of veteran power-pop acts (Things of Stone and Wood, for me). Starts out solidly but vox are a little anticipatory and the guitar noodling and slap bass are over-eager. I’m seeing four guys in black jeans and slightly dated haircuts having a fine old time.