Trophy Eyes – Choke

Raw and feisty hardcore from Australia’s Newcastle, the origin place of much proper rock. Two distinct acts – melodic and chuntering, belting and hollaring – within just 1 minute and 1 second.

208 Talks Of Angels – Disengage

It’s difficult to pin down a genre for this Russian collective, which lays claim to just about everything from ambient to industrial, classic to progressive, ethnic to electronic. Joe Satriani meets Metallica, perhaps? If David Lynch remade Dune today he might ask these guys to score it.

Watchmoore – Fractures

Tight, young (sorry) prog rock from Sydney, an undersung source of such bands. Seriously impressive in execution, in fact, indicative of the maturation of that scene. Some fine-tuning of song structures is needed and instrumental/vocal tones could use some investment and wise production advice, but there’s plenty here to grab on to.