Pacers – Part of That Scene

Sixties-inspired guitar rock. Jangly, energetic and clearly well-practised, this would have the crowd hopping live. I can see these guys opening for the likes of Oasis and, frankly, being a fair bit more fun.

Colaars – Backseat Kisses

Perfect soundtrack to a 1980s ice skating movie that takes itself just a bit too seriously. Laconic disco-pop with plenty of reverb and tinkliness. Likely to be ignored in the West, but who knows, it could be a huge hit in its native Ukraine.

Mouth Wired Shut – Firestarter

Tight, ambitious and well-executed throwback rock. Plenty of ideas per square inch. Should play well in the trucks, pubs and ballparks of their home Cleveland.

Night Terrors of 1927 ft Tegan & Sara – When You Were Mine

Very much consistent with Tegan & Sara’s new happy-go-retro vibe, this rather Echo & The Bunnymen offering is oh so urban hipster love story. Happy hipsters? I just don’t know.

WALK THE MOON – Shut Up and Dance

Did I miss the memo about yet another 80s revival? Super happy-time disco hybrid of Invisible Touch by Genesis and anything by Rick Astley. Described by Wikipedia as ‘indie rock’ which just made my head explode.

Steve Bastado & the Albert Hoffman Experience – Never Over Till It’s Over

Classic Brit punk/hard rock delivered with passion, grunt, humour, know-how and an utter lack of give-a-shit for anything that’s happened in music for the last 30 years. Good, filthy fun.

TV on the Radio – Happy Idiot

Restrained, semi-electric pop by Brooklyn hipsters. Awkwardly 80s yet still contemporary, which is perhaps to be expected with their list of past collaborators including Bowie, NIN and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.