Mark Bonafide – U Thought

Singaporean R&B – hip hop. A slick production with pop smarts and more depth than your average unsigned, though not to be taken too seriously and the synth brass must be sacked. Mark Bonafide, McLovin be thy middle name.

Crumplehorns – So You’re Mine

An early deadringer for Bettie Serveert’s Ray Ray Rain, this one becomes 40% twee pop (see Holiday), 20% new wave revival (see Pulsars) and 60% religiously earnest undertones, all wrapped up in the wavy pastry of a home recording.

Pedro Mercado & Karada – Et Voila

Chuffing along like an upbeat Groove Armada, this was my introduction to “tech house” and I don’t mind it at all. Smooth, sweet, warm and motivating, like a mug of hot chocolate.

FANCI – Funky Sexy Cool

Unusual – which shouldn’t be a shock, considering this Berliner cites the likes of Prince, David Bowie, Curtis Mayfield and Peter Gabriel as influences. Fat, funky and freaky, this should hold particular appeal for fans of the aforementioned iconoclasts.

Miss Mix – Miracle

Loose, naive, grrly pop-rock. Reference Shonen Knife, but replace Tokyo with Beijing, whimsy with strut, and eccentric costuming with the Hot Topic catalogue. Three glammy girls plus a bloke who’s unsurprisingly omitted from most of the publicity shots.

Jay Wud – Low

Metallica fans, hooooo! Also citing NIN and FF (you know, you know) this Lebanese one-man-band sounds like a studio monster who geeks out over riveting geets and bowel-moving perc. For unabashed lovers of rawk.

Pacers – Part of That Scene

Sixties-inspired guitar rock. Jangly, energetic and clearly well-practised, this would have the crowd hopping live. I can see these guys opening for the likes of Oasis and, frankly, being a fair bit more fun.