Twin Atlantic – Hold On

Humdrum mainstream rock touting positivity and persistence. Years ago, a dyslexic bar manager scrawled my band’s name on the chalkboard as “Inspiro”. I hereby offer that moniker to Twin Atlantic, no charge.

Travis Caudle – Outta My Head

The usual countrified, romanticised, generic rock from Travis C. I feel bad criticising someone so apparently good-natured, like kicking a puppy, but I just can’t muster much enthusiasm for the middle of the road.

The Weeknd – Earned It

I briefly thought this was something new from Canadian nerd-rockers The Weekend. How disappointed I was to discover bakelite R&B pooped out for the sake of the Fifty Shades franchise.

​OneRepublic – I Lived

It’s hard to imagine anyone sitting down to listen to this. Anonymous and lacking in personality, I can see it playing over a montage in an overly earnest teen romance movie or blaring in 10 second clips at some tacky awards ceremony.

The Script – No Good In Goodbye

The Script’s songs chart regularly. They have featured in shows like 90210 and The Vampire Diaries. The frontman used to be a coach on The Voice. My own views are obvious, redundant or most likely both.

Weezer – Da Vinci

The usual =W= pop/rock. Sticks to the heavy production and shout along choruses of recent releases, while nodding to stalwarts with some single note guitar noodling and whimsical whistling. El Scorcho quirk factor 10%.

Imagine Dragons – I Bet My Life

I confess I’d never heard of these guys, despite them being touted as geniuses by the likes of Rolling Stone and MTV back in 2013. It wasn’t on the basis of this track, which is tedious, overblown, clichéd and self-important. In their defence, it’s hard to keep a sense of perspective once you shift base to Vegas.